This year we are delighted to be working in partnership with the University of Birmingham on a number of really exciting projects and initiatives. This page has been put together to help you navigate our summer opportunities and the number of funding options that may be available to you.


Use this link to submit vital information to us ahead of your trip. This includes your flight details.This form must be completed by all students travelling this summer.

Here are the projects we are running this summer which are available to UoB students and are also applicable for funding…

Psychology and Mental Health –

Supporting Legal Aid –

Politics in the Community –

Discover Authentic Caribbean Art –

Conservation & Sustainability –

Funding opportunities: Here are the links you need to find out more and apply for funding…

UoB Work Experience Bursary (Available to all students. Up to £500)

UoB Gateway Bursary (Available to certain priority groups, criteria can be found throughout the link. Up to £1000)

Alternative funding opportunities available

Turing Scheme Funding

Turing scheme funding is available for all of our projects this summer, please read this important extract from the UoB website:

“Work Experience and Gateway Bursary applicants may also be eligible to apply for funding via University of Birmingham’s Turing Scheme, which provides funding for international opportunities in education and training across the world. It can also be used toward international internships you have sourced yourself (including experiences organised by a third-party organisation). Prior to completing your Work Experience or Gateway Bursary application, we recommend reviewing the Turing Scheme information on the My Global Story Canvas course and if you are eligible to apply, submitting an application via the Turing Scheme online form. If you are successfully awarded via the Turing Scheme but still require funds to cover the remaining costs of your work experience, then you may be eligible to apply for the Work Experience or Gateway Bursary. When prompted in the application form, please ensure you accurately identify the amount of funding you have secured via the Turing Scheme. The deadline to apply for funding via this scheme is Tuesday 26th April. If you have any queries regarding the Turing Scheme please contact

Turing Scheme funding has already been allocated by UoB to both the Politics and Law schools. Any students wishing to apply for either our Politics or Law Programmes should use the following details to apply for Turing Scheme funding:

Please note that all places on the Law project are now full. Extremely limited places remain on the Politics programme for June and July.

Law – Contact Paul McConnell (

Politics – Contact Dr Richard North (

To apply for funding from your university you will need to supply certain details about Caribbean Elective on your application form. Please find these here…

Contact person: Harry Spear (Director & Co-Founder) 07789967795

Caribbean Elective registered address: 42 Twynham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 5AS

Distance categorty for Saint Lucia on the turing form is 4000 to 7999KM

Budget estimation: In general you should estimate your living costs in Saint Lucia to be very similar to your costs in the UK. We would estimate a weekly budget of £90-120 to cover the essentials such as your food shopping, a couple of short taxi rides and buying something affordable to eat for example at local food outlets and BBQs which offer good local food at reasonable prices. Costs of eating out in the evening range dramatically, you can eat very well at local places for £8-12 or can really spoil yourselves at local hotels and luxury venues for significantly more. You do not need to budget for laundry or domestic bills apart from buying laundry powder etc.

Additionally to this, we recommend you bring some extra money should you wish to do some activities and travel around Saint Lucia in your free time, we will endeavour to support you in doing this as affordably as possible wherever we can. Here are some estimates of how much certain activities could cost with transport included: Catamaran boat day £70-100, Sulphur Springs & volcano tour £30-40, Pigeon Island day £15-25, various beach days £0-40 depending on which one you travel to, Piton hike £60-90, rainforest zip-lining £30-40. (Costs vary according to availability, number of people you do the activity with and any options or peak times of day you choose to book)

If you have any further questions then please contact Harry on

Please remember that places on our programmes are often extremely competitive and you should complete an application on the page of the project you are interested in as soon as possible. You must apply by the end of March.

Please do not apply for funding without first applying to join a programme, as we need to know who is planning on joining us in the summer!

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